Agricultural Economy

"A thriving agricultural community" is a key element to the Altar Valley Conservation Alliance's mission. There are many agricultural businesses that call the Altar Valley home. Those businesses include cattle ranches, a vineyard, beekeeping operations and guest ranches that raise their own horses, as well as introduce people from all around the world to the business of ranching and conservation in the Altar Valley.

The people that own and operate these businesses depend on the land for their income and have chosen a lifestyle that is challenging, yet satisfying. They are the backbone of the Alliance. Many of them are third and fourth generation residents of the valley, and in some cases, the fifth generation has its feet on the ground. For these folks, the land is no small part of their lives. They work to keep the land healthy not only for the economic benefits that it brings to their businesses, but because of what the land means to their families and their desire to "conserve the Altar Valley for future generations."

The growing collection of stories in the links below offers a glimpse into the agricultural economy of the Altar Valley and the faces behind it.


Dee Lusby

Las Jarillas Ranch

Noon Ranch

Sierrita Mining & Ranching (McGee Ranch)